iOS 4 released to long download queues

Apple launches iPhone OS 4

Keenly anticipated operating system update for the iPhone was released this morning, bringing new multi-tasking capabilities as well as a raft of other improvements.

The new update, which can now be downloaded and installed from iTunes, also provides category folder functionality so the iPhone owner can group applications and avoid hunting through quite as many home screen as was necessary with the previous iOS.

Other improvements include the ability to create iPod playlists during playback, built-in spell-checking functionality and iPhone Faces and Places customised graphics as well as improvements in the photo and video capabilities.

Demand has been unsurprisingly strong with the 378MB update having taken many iPhone users well over an hour to download and install. It will also be necessary to download a raft of application updates since the new multi-tasking functionality requires new version of existing applications.

Only iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS users will get the iOS 4 update due to the larger memory footprint of the iOS4. Owners of older hardware are faced with sticking with iOS 3 or upgrading to the new iPhone 4.

The OS upgrade situation is a little more complex for iPod Touch owners. The original 2007 revision of the iPod Touch will not get iOS 4, 2nd generation 2008 revisions will get iOS 4 but no multi-tasking. 3rd generation Touches will run iOS 4 properly.

This time iPod Touch owners wont need to pay for iOS4 4 if their device is compatible. However Apple said the recently released iPad wont get iOS 4 until “the fall”.

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