Vendor forecasts growth this year, and claims it will become the biggest laptop manufacturer this year

Acer predicts it will take top spot

Acer has said it will become the biggest laptop vendor this year, expecting Q3 revenues to rise by 10 – 15 per cent.

"We have responded faster than our competitors to the demand in the market," said chairman JT Wang said, reports the Wall Street Journal. "We are one of a very few that is able to respond to the market when demand stabilized in the latter part of the second quarter because we were prepared."

As well as laptops, Acer plans to boost its desktop shipments to 10 million, and introduce six to seven smartphone models this year. It also looks as though it will be reducing its focus on Microsoft based mobile devices.

The firm also said it expects PC shipments could rise as much as 50 per cent this year.

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