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Researchers find fake National Health Service website is among UK's 'most infected'

Googling ‘NHS’ can infect your computer

The internet is a useful tool for finding out how to keep healthy, but searching online for skincare products or a local hospital can be hazardous to your computer’s wellbeing, researchers have found.

Anti-virus firm Avast searched the net during May for the UK’s ‘most infected’ websites and found 396,679 hijacked or malicious pages.

Among those judged to contain the most malware were a fake NHS website, Healthandbeautyaids.co.uk, a false version of Blueyonder.co.uk and other sites such as Airsoftsniper.co.uk, Callingtoncommunitycollege.co.uk, Diamondsgymclub.org.uk, Estoys.co.uk, Fireworks-mail-order.co.uk, Girliethingswales.co.uk, Ipersonals.co.uk, Jennifer-cakes4celebrations.co.uk and Multimania.co.uk.

Most of the sites on Avast’s list belong to small businesses, though the firm says some of them may have cleaned up their acts since being tested last month.

The data was taken from the real-life web browsing experiences of an opt-in group. Avast found that of all its users, the number of visits to infected sites rose by 52 per cent, while the number of reported infected domains dropped by over 30 per cent.

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