New research shows it?s not just hardcore gamers looking to new technology

Casual players eye 3D gaming

Interest in 3D gaming may be strongest amongst early adopters and hardcore enthusiasts, but a new study has revealed that it also extends to the more casual player.

The report, 3D Gaming: Entertainment’s Next Dimension, from the Consumer Electronics Association also found that more consumer demonstrations and education are needed beore adoption can take off.

The study of online adults found that while 64 per cent of those interested in 3D gaming are games enthusiasts, more than a third (35 per cent) that showed interest are more casual players. No matter what their gaming level, consumers expect 3D gaming devices to serve as multimedia players. Most expect to use their 3D gaming device to watch 3D movies (58 per cent) and connect to the internet (51 per cent). Nearly half (45 per cent) want to download games and content directly to their device.

“The introduction of 3D into the gaming arena has the potential to reinvigorate the gaming market by adding greater realism and fostering a more social gaming experience,” said Ben Arnold, CEA’s senior research analyst. “As interest grows and consumers become more comfortable with the technology, 3D is poised to become the preferred format for many gamers.”

The study also found some concerns about 3D technology among casual and avid gamers. Cost of games (69 per cent), devices (66 per cent) and accessories (61 per cent) were cited as the main obstacle to adoption for casual gamers. For enthusiasts, concerns about the health of their vision (33 per cent), compatibility with the 2D content they already own (35 per cent) and the availability of their favourite games in 3D (39 per cent) were among the concerns.

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