3D portable gaming device scheduled for launch this year or early 2011

Nintendo 3DS rumoured for this year

The Nintendo 3DS could yet launch some time in 2010, though an early 2011 arrival is now looking more likely, according to sources talking to Eurogamer.

Prior to E3 reports had claimed that the machine could arrive far earlier than expected – maybe even by October, CVG confidently asserted. However, the lack of any launch information as last night’s official E3 reveal seemed to scupper those hopes.

Now a ‘senior source close to Nintendo’ has stated: “3DS will be available worldwide by early next year at the latest, with a 2010 launch in at least one territory likely.”

There’s obviously no word yet on price, either, though expect to pay a healthy premium over the current top-of-the-range DSi XL, which costs around £150 in the UK.

This story originally appeared on our sister site MCV.

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