IT products marketed as a cure to nation's 'sick days' during football bonanza

Remote working tech battles World Cup absenteeism

The 2010 World Cup is in full swing, and if history is anything to go by will coincide with a totally unrelated jump in the number of sick days tallied up by workers.

According to statistics from FIFA, nine million UK employees will call in sick using 31,850,000 excuses so they can watch the World Cup, which tots up quite a dent on the country’s business.

Cloud computing and unified communications firm Outsourcery claims the damage can be alleviated by meeting football hungry staff halfway, and introducing more remote working technologies to its workforce.

It’s own Office Communicator software is being touted as just such a solution, offering various file sharing and chat programmes.

Piers Linney, joint CEO of Outsourcery said: “Businesses need to prevent absenteeism, and by adopting greater flexible working practices, they will benefit from a happier workforce while allowing their employees to be productive and patriotic at the same time.”

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