Apple boss responds to speculation the Mac platform is on the way out

Steve Jobs denies the Mac is dead

Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs has denied that the Mac’s days are numbered, following internet reports that the firm has almost completely switched its focus away from its Mac computer business, in favour of the newer iPads, iPhone and iPod operations.

It started when Newsweek published a feature stating Jobs had ‘dumped’ the Mac platform, following the Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, which had barely any mention of Mac hardware or software at all.

The report was brought to the attention of Steve Jobs, who responded to the article personally, saying: "Completely wrong. Just wait," according to MacUser.

While it would be inaccurate to describe the Mac computer as a flagging business (it sales figures have never been higher), it is true that Apple’s potent marketing machine has been pre-occupied with its mobile devices for some time now.

What do you think? Will Apple abandon the Mac platform altogether, or will we see the firm refocus on the category that launched it after the iPad launch has died down? Have your say in our comments section below.

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