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Mobile operator scraps limitless tariffs for smartphones

No unlimited data for iPhone 4 on O2

O2 has said it is putting an end to mobile phone tariffs with an unlimited data allowance, a move that coincides with the iPhone 4 launch later this month.

The network operator announced its new pricing model, which it said would give customers “a more transparent pricing model tied to usage”.

The data allowances for new and upgrading customers will come into effect from 24 June – the same day as the iPhone 4 launch – and range from 500GB to 1GB. O2 estimates that 97 per cent of its smartphone customers would not need to buy additional data allowances, as the lowest bundle provides more than 2.5 times the average customer’s current use.

However, the changes may well put some users off upgrading to the iPhone 4, as one of its new features – a front-facing camera – is clearly designed for video calling.

According to O2, new and upgrading customers will continue to receive unlimited data “as a promotion” until 1 October, after which, they will be able to buy additional data ‘Bolt Ons’. “Existing customers will continue under their present terms, unlimited data usage with an Excessive Use Policy,” O2 said in a statement.

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