Incentive based pay offered, assembly line worker salary doubled

Second pay rise for Foxconn employees

Foxconn has implemented a second round of pay rises for employees at its Longhua factory, following a spate of suicides this year.

According to the Financial Times, following a 30 per cent pay rise in July, those employees who meet certain performance targets can now get an additional 66 per cent, effectively doubling their wages.

Previously, workers could only achieve these kind of wages, by putting in overtime six days a week. They are also higher than the wages demanded by Chinese labour activists, who said that wages needed to rise by a minimum of 50 per cent to give workers a decent income.

Foxconn is the largest employer, and a test case, in a nation that is increasingly seeing employee shortages. The Foxconn suicides and recent violent protests at the Honda factory indicate that Chinese workers are looking for better standards of living.

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