Vendor best known for graphics reports strong consumer demand for flash and USB memory

PNY returns to its roots with memory market push

PNY Technologies is steaming ahead with a push into the memory market, reporting strong sales of flash products and forging new relationships with major High Street retailers.

“Our focus remains on all our product categories; however over the recent recession years PNY has been able to forge new business partnerships with key retailers in the UK and across Europe for flash memory solutions,” retail account manager Richard Wells told PCR. “For USB memory, UK consumer demand decreased last year by nine per cent compared to 2008, however PNY was able to increase its output in the UK by 17 per cent.

“On top of our long-term partnerships with key UK retailers such as DSGi, PNY has also developed strong working relationships with Tesco, WHSmith, Staples and more recently Sainsbury’s over the last 18 to 24 months. We also hope to announce more new business partnerships with other key UK retailers during the course of this year.”

According to Wells, PNY is now a USB memory market leader in the US and some parts of Europe. Over the past 12 to 18 months, the firm has expanded its operations into South America, Russia, Poland and the Middle East.

While the firm is more commonly associated with graphics cards, it is keen to stress that its roots lie in the memory market. “PNY launched 25 years ago as a memory vendor and over the years have grown our range of products to include leading graphics in GeForce gaming and Quadro professional solutions,” Wells said.

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