"We missed the whole cycle," says CEO Steve Ballmer

Microsoft has fallen behind in mobile

Microsoft’s chief executive officer Steve Ballmer has publicly acknowledged that his company has lagged behind in the mobile market.

Talking at the D8 conference, Ballmer stated that: “We were ahead of this game in terms of software for phones. We are not ahead of this game – we haven’t fallen off the face of the planet – but we were ahead of this game and now we find ourselves number five in the market. It’s still tens of million of units a year, but not any where near where we ought to be or should be.”

He went on to say that the management team for Windows Mobile has seen structural changes in much the same way as the team behind Windows 7, and that the mobile side had forced the company to learn “the value of excellent execution.”

“We’re dealing with not being the market leaders in that pack, but it’s a very dynamic business,” continued Ballmer. “The market leaders have probably shifted over twice even in the last five or six years.

“The fact that it’s so dynamic, I’d have to view as our opportunity. We have to both have great ideas, where I think we’ve got some pretty good stuff coming, and at the same time very consistently have to execute from a research and development perspective.”

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