Rumour mill goes in to overdrive ahead of Jobs? keynote

Apple WWDC to kick off today

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference will begin today, opening at 6pm UK time with a keynote speech by Steve Jobs, who is expected to unveil the iPhone 4GS.

Anyone who has followed the ongoing saga of the missing iPhone prototype will be aware that the latest version incorporates the biggest form factor change that the iPhone has ever seen, featuring a straight edged and backed aluminium case, and is widely anticipated to enable and support video chat as well as third party app multitasking.

Interestingly, Gizmodo – the company that acquired the missing prototype – has reportedly been denied a press pass to this year’s event.

So that’s the confirmed news, on to the inevitable rumours. According to Engadget, a French language site called MacGeneration has reported that the latest version of Safari will make an appearance at the event.

MacGeneration has apparently obtained some previously unseen documents that detail a number of new features, including a smarter address bar, hardware acceleration for Windows versions, improved history search, better page caching and DNS prefetching, a Bing search option and HTML 5 support.

Yahoo News reports that other rumours include the possibility that iTunes will be launching in a cloud-based format following Apple’s acquisition of Lala, and that after a disappointing first run, MobileMe will be relaunched as a free service.

Speculation that Apple TV would be getting another airing was dampened after Steve Jobs told the D8 conference that no one would pay for a set-top box after getting a satellite version for free.

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