Online and in-store software publishing system continues push to transform distribution

Tribeka?s software revolution expands to new frontiers

Having signed up key deals with Tesco, Carrefour and Symantec, Tribeka is preparing to further expand its in-store software publishing operation, which it says is set to change traditional distribution models.

The SoftWide system, which allows consumers to print software themselves via a kiosk style booth in-store, dramatically enhances the number of lines available on a shop floor, since all stock is digital. The retailer can also take online orders, negating the need for a

After essentially transforming Tesco from a bit-player in the software market to a major contender with a thousand different trial lines, Tribeka is currently closing deals with two more major UK retailers. On the European side, the first SoftWide system in retail giant
Carrefour’s French operation opens this month.

“When we acquire a new retailer we sit them down and ask them for a wish list of what they’d want, and then carry on acquiring,” Stephen Precious, chief operations officer at Tribeka told us.

“The range is just growing all the time. Everybody within the software umbrella can have the choice of products. Our strategy was always to start with the UK, then Europe, and then across the water. But Microsoft came to us to get our system in their stores in America, which was a huge deal for us. That took us there a little bit quicker than we first thought, but you don’t refuse Microsoft. I’m back out there for the next six weeks organising the next two stores.”

More software publishers have been keen to get involved in the operation. “We just signed a worldwide contract with Symantec, which is an amazing premium title software for us to have in the range,” continued Precious.

“So I’ve just released it into France with Carrefour, and we’re just about to go with the next set for Germany, Australia, and Microsoft in the USA.

It’s great that Symantec has come to understand that the on demand model is viable and is set to change the face of distribution, from physical to online or in-store. You have 5,000 titles in store, in stock, all of the time.
So you can compete with the big internet warriors but have the presence in store as well.”

Tribeka is also in the process of signing deals with major film studios around the globe, which would bring a huge range of motion pictures under the DVD printing operation, as well as facilitating a push into a Flash and USB motion picture operation.

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