?There is irony here that is hard to overlook," communications boss says

Microsoft slams Google for ditching Windows

Microsoft has hit back at Google for reportedly phasing out Windows from its internal operations, pointing out that the search giant has had security breaches of its own.

Windows communication manager Brandon LeBlanc wrote in an official blog: “There is some irony here that is hard to overlook. For starters, check out this story from Mashable a few months ago where it was reported that Yale University had halted their move to Gmail (and their move to Google’s Google Apps for Education package) citing both security and privacy concerns.”

He also disputed the Financial Times’ claim that Google was ditching Microsoft’s operating system because it “is known for being more vulnerable to attacks by hackers and more susceptible to computer viruses than other operating systems”.

“The facts don’t support the assertion,” he wrote, before going on to highlight the various merits of Windows 7.

LeBlanc also posted several comments on microblogging site Twitter, including "Nothing is safe – all OS’s and browsers etc. are at risk" and "we know Windows is a bigger target than others which is why we put an emphasis on security… Security is a big deal for us".

In January hackers targeted Gmail user profiles, a move that was widely interpreted as an attempt by Chinese pro-government forces to identify democratic activists in China, causing a diplomatic furore between China and the United States.

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