European analyst slams iPhone and Apple?s grip on partners and media

Media ‘is ventriloquist’s dummy for Apple’

John Strand, the CEO of market analysts Strand Consult, has issued a lengthy statement criticising Apple and the media environment surrounding the iPhone.

Strand, whose company compared Apple users to Stockholm Syndrome sufferers, accused wide segments of the media of behaving like “a ventriloquists dummy”, advised an iPhone app developer that they’d have a better business model trying to sell coffee to Turkey and reported that his questions about the iPhone led to him accusations of being anti-American.

“I will never forget when the renown IT journalist Walter Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal accused me of being anti-American during the Mobile World Congress a couple of years ago, because I was critical about the importance of the iPhone to operators,” recounted Strand.

“Everyone who reads this column knows that the man is an Apple fanatic, but to claim that someone is anti-American, because they view a mobile telephone’s sales figures from a global perspective really shows how Apple fanatics react.”

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