Mark Zuckerberg says there are 'misperceptions' regarding social networking site's strategy

Facebook boss defends privacy

CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has defended his firm’s position on privacy settings after a grilling at the All Thing Digital D8 conference this week.

TechRadar reports Zuckerberg insisted: "Privacy is very important to us. I think there are some misperceptions. People use Facebook to share and to stay connected. You don’t start off on Facebook being connected to your friends, you’ve got to be able to find them. So having some information available broadly is good for that."

He went on to say: "Now, there have been misperceptions that we’re trying to make all information open, but that’s false. We encourage people to keep their most private information private. But some of the most basic information, we suggest that people leave public."

The social networking site has come under mass criticism in recent weeks over its handling of private information. Most complaints relate to the difficulty for users to specify settings, and the possibility of that information being sold on to third parties.

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