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Tech firms collaborate to speed deployment of Linux-based devices

ARM forms new company

ARM has formed a partnership with Freescale, IBM, Samsung, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments to create a not-for-profit open source software engineering company called Linaro.

It is hoped that the new company will help speed up the deployment of Linux-based devices, as well as provide developers and manufacturers with the resources to create more diverse and responsive devices and applications for Linux systems.

Parts of Linaro’s mission statement include the creation of stable and optimised developer platforms and tools, and the investment of resources in open source projects to be used on Linux-based platforms like Android, MeeGo and Ubuntu.

The first releases from the new company are expected to be out in November 2010 and will be created to work with the ARM Cortex processor range.

The move comes as devices based on the Android mobile operating system offer serious competition with Apple’s iPhone. Android recently passed the iPhone in market share, but has been criticised for lacking the extensive software ecosystem offered by Apple’s App Store.

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