Vendors tell PCR connected features are key to the PND market

GPS customers ‘looking for connectivity’

Sat navs can no longer rely on simply directing users to a destination, they must also provide connected services, industry experts have said.

Matt Wallis, UK country director for GPS vendor Mio, told PCR: “A lot more people are looking for feature-led products that will enrich their journey, not only from A to B but also when they arrive there.”

This connectivity is becoming more and more common across the PND sector, which saw a decline in sales last year.

TomTom’s vice president of sales and marketing for the UK and Ireland, Damien Woodward, said: “You can Google points of interest, so rather than relying on a set database of points you can just go in and use Google to find the nearest restaurant or whatever it is you’re trying to find.”

He added that real-time traffic data was the “real golden egg” of connected features.

To read what else sat nav makers had to say about the state of the market, click here.

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