Orange Amps is looking to sign deals with UK firms for its OPC

Amp maker seeks disties for hybrid PC

British amplification pioneer Orange Amps is on the lookout for distributors for its new hybrid PC/guitar amplifier.

Orange would like the OPC, created under its OMEC Personal Computers division, to be sold through both the music and IT channels.

“Initially it was built for musicians because that’s what we do, but because of the versatility of what it does people outside the music business have been interested – people who like gadgets,” Orange CEO Cliff Cooper told PCR. “We will be looking to distribute through PC firms after the reaction that we’ve had.”

The machine, which was designed and built in the UK, features a 500GB hard drive, 4GB of DDR2 RAM, Windows 7, wi-fi capability and an optional ATI Radeon HD 5670 512MB graphics card.

It also comes with free software including a recording package. Physically it looks much like a normal guitar amp and comes in the vendor’s signature bright orange colour.

“It’s a fully functioning PC; I use one myself all the time,” Cooper said. “It has a large high quality guitar speaker in it, which we put in a plastic guitar amp case, rather than a metal tower case. We modelled it on the sound of the Orange amplifiers, so people can plug in and play their guitar, record it and play it back.”

While the OPC is suitable for experienced musicians, Cooper believes it could also prove popular with entry-level guitarists who have taken up the instrument after playing music-based games such as Guitar Hero.

Pricing and distributor details will be announced later this month.

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