New processor platform aims to bring ?PC-like? performance to mobiles

Intel unveils Atom Z series

Intel has revealed its Atom Z series of processors, with which it hopes to push in to the smart phone market.

Intel claims that the new devices, previously codenamed Moorestown, offer PC-like capabilities, including fast internet browsing, multi-tasking, HD video capacity and multi-point video conferencing.

Utilising the 45nm low power process, these devices have been designed for energy efficiency – offering power usage reductions of over 50 times when in idle – and have been primarily developed for the smart phone and tablet categories.

“Intel has delivered its first product that is opening the door for Intel Architecture in the smart phone market segment,” said Intel’s senior vice president and general manager of the Ultra Mobility Group, Anand Chandrasekher.

“Through ‘Moorestown’, Intel is scaling the benefits of IA while significantly reducing the power, cost and footprint to better address handheld market segments. As a result of our efforts, the Intel Atom processor is pushing the boundaries of higher performance at significantly lower power to show what’s possible as handheld devices become small, powerful mobile computers.”

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