A look at our top selling desktops and laptops shows an interesting pattern. In terms of specs, there?s very little to differentiate the top three laptops from the top selling desktops.

Are desktops still relevant?

The Toshiba L450 is an entry level machine powered by a Celeron T3000 in conjunction with Intel’s integrated Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M, HP’s G61 runs on the Celeron T3100 and also uses the GMA 4500M, while the Dell Inspiron 1545 uses a more powerful dual-core CPU with the GMA X4500HD integrated graphics.

Contrast this with the Compaq Presario CQ5305, which features an Intel Pentium E5300 combined with the GMA 4500HD.

When the top selling desktop offers the same kind of performance and components as a Dell laptop, it should be no surprise that the desktop segment continues in a seemingly inexorable decline. The desktop used to have one major selling point over the mobile categories – performance.

These days, why would anyone pay more money (once peripherals are included) for a device that offers the same performance as a laptop, but without the benefit of portability?

Perhaps this is why Apple is now able to claim that its iMac All-In-One accounts for 25 per cent of the desktop market. It needs a minimum of peripherals since the screen is integrated with the base unit and offers a clear advantage as well as a distinct experience. The desktop needs to be more than just an immobile laptop. I’m no fanboy, but when it comes to the iMac, Apple is definitely doing something right.


1. Toshiba L450
2. HP G61-410SA
3. Dell Inspiron 1545
4. Advent Roma 1001
5. Acer 5732Z


1. Compaq Presario CQ5305
2. Packard Bell iMedia A2620
3. Acer Aspire X3812
4. Apple iMac
5. Packard Bell ixtreme X5620

Graphics Cards

1. PNY Nvidia GeForce GT220 PCI-E
2. PNY Nvidia 8400 GTS
3. Sapphire ATI Radeon HD4350
4. Sapphire ATI Radeon HD4650
5. PNY Nvidia GeForce GTS 250


1. Logitiech Wireless M205
2. Microsoft Comfort Optical 1000
3. Microsoft Wireless Laser 5000
4. PC Line Laser RET1
5. IT Works Wireless MO701


1. Logitech Cordless Desktop Ex100
2. Logitech Ultra Flat
3. Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000
4. Microsoft Comfort Desktop 5000
5. PC Line Basic Keyboard

Anti-Virus Software

1. Norton 360 v3.0
2. Norton Internet Security 2010
3. Kaspersky Internet Security 2010
4. McAfee Family Security 2010
5. AVG Internet Security

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