Firm claims the OPC is the first computer of its kind

Amp maker Orange moves into PCs

UK-based guitar amplifier firm Orange Amps has created a new division specifically to develop products in the areas of personal computers and sound technology.

The first product to be launched by OMEC Personal Computers will be the revolutionary OPC all-in-one computer/amplifier, which is designed and built in the UK.

The OPC is a fully integrated computer with internal speaker, which delivers playing, recording, editing and computing capabilities to musicians and music aficionados. This is the first computer of its kind that can connect the user and his or her music to the digital domain simply by plugging in an instrument.

It has 4GB of DDR2 RAM, a 500GB hard drive, Windows 7 and an optional ATI 5670 512MB graphics card for any musicians also interested in gaming.

The OPC is due to launch in June. For the full details and specs head over to PCR’s sister site, MI Pro.

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