Vendor claims its free package provides all the protection required

AVG defends free security software

Security firm AVG has hit back against criticisms from rivals, claiming its free software provides the vast majority of internet users with all the security they require.

The firm’s statement follows PCR’s interview last month with BullGuard’s Alan Case, in which he said users were “always at risk with a free product”.

Tony Anscombe, ambassador of free products at AVG, told PCR: “Our free product gives you very strong malware protection. If you’ve got someone that’s just web browsing and using email, which I think is the vast majority of web users, free software actually provides them with the security that they require. Free does provide you with protection and for the vast majority of users it’s adequate for what they need.

“What’s interesting about free security software is that the AV engines in our and other vendors’ products are the same in the free packages and the paid-for ones. It’s the other stuff you pay for. We don’t build two engines – that would be naïve and costly – so we don’t have a lower detection rate in our free product.”

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