Analyst claims Western and Central Europe will be slowest growing region

Tech industry enters recovery

The global technology industry is officially in recovery, with the market expected to grow by almost eight per cent, an analyst has said.

In a blog accompanying a new report, Forrester Research analyst Andrew Bartels announced: “As I predicted in January 2010… a tech recovery has started in the US and around the world.”

Bartels estimates the worldwide IT market to grow 7.7 per cent (in US dollars), while the US alone should see 8.4 per cent growth. Western and Central Europe are expected to grow at the slowest rate of all the regions.

“I continue to see computer equipment and software as the strongest product categories in 2010, with PCs, peripherals, and storage equipment leading the computer category and operating system software and applications setting the pace for software,” he wrote. “IT services will lag a bit, with systems integration project work waiting for licensed software purchases to rise.”

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