New SafeTower incorporates DVD copy protection

StorDigital offers protected duplication

StorDigital has unveiled its new SafeTower stand-alone CD and DVD duplication system.

The SafeTower uses a combination of hardware and Copy Protection Software (CPS) to embed digital rights management directly onto a master DVD disk, which can then only be duplicated by another CPS enabled machine. This technique offers an effective solution against piracy as duplicates of this master disc will also include copy protection.

“Piracy has never been a more important factor for publishers than in today’s increasingly specialised market,” said StorDigitals founder Nic Ranshaw. “We’re aware of the efforts made by our customers to create unique and engaging content, and we are very pleased to provide them with the tools necessary to both produce their content and protect their assets.

“We see a big market for those publishers that are producing DVD video such as wedding videos, self help videos, guides, information and video tutorials. Many of our customers go to great efforts to produce high quality, engaging original content and it’s only fair that they have the tools at hand to protect their property.”

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