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Device does not suffer from the vulnerabilities that affect other NIST-certified products

Simms goes to market with ultra-secure flash drive

Simms has revealed that its IronKey encrypted USB flash drive is among the safest in the world, as it is not subject to the security flaws that have plagued other NIST-certified devices.

Unlike similar products, the IronKey does not rely on the software of a host PC, which is the vulnerability posed by other drives. Instead, it randomly generates its own AES encryption key, which cannot be exported from the device.

It also features a hardened epoxy compound that completely covers the drives within the military grade tamper-evident casing, as well as electromagnetic shielding and hard-wired encryption key self-destruct defences.

The IronKey is compatible withWindows 2000 through to Windows 7, Mac OSX and Linux 2.6+.

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