Motion-sensing pioneer develops PC control away from the desktop

Movea unveils new Air Mouse

Movea has revealed its Gyration Air Mouse Elite, a motion-sensing air mouse that enables the user to control their PC through the natural movements of their hands.

The device utilises proprietary motion sensing technology to allow the user to issue commands and initiate presentations by slight wrist movements in the air.

A tiny internal gyroscope measures the angle and speed of the movement to manoeuvre the cursor and the device uses radio frequencies, meaning that it can be operated from a range of up to one hundred feet, including through walls.

Software support comes in the form of MotionTools, a suite of effects and tools that recognise hand gestures and help to enliven presentations. For example, the user can transform the cursor in to a text highlighter, laser pointer or pen and can activate embedded media or special effects with in-air movements.

“Whether in the boardroom, classroom or living room, presenters and digital media enthusiasts everywhere have used these in-air mice to bring presentations to life and to control their entertainment while enjoying freedom of movement,” said Movea’s vice president of marketing, Greg Smith.

“The Air-Mouse Elite and the newlyimproved MotionTools suite are the culmination of our continued commitment to allow customers to master the art of motion for more effective communications and more immersive entertainment experiences.”

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