From security software to ergonomic desk solutions

Marketplace: This month’s hottest hardware and software

Security has been a key theme in new product launches this month, from new software packages to secure storage devices.

Simms’ IronKey encrypted USB flash drive is supposedly among the safest in the world as it does not rely on the software of a host PC – a crucial vulnerability of other drives.

Symantec, meanwhile, released its Norton portfolio for 2010, including the new Norton 360 and Ghost.

In peripherals Computer Gear launched its new range of pastel-coloured retro-style stereo headsets, which take their inspiration from the 1970s, and Movea revealed its Gyration Air Mouse Elite – a motion-sensing ‘air mouse’ that allows the user to control their PC through the natural movements of their hands.

Trust unveiled a number of ergonomic products that aim to reduce office injuries, including laptop cooler stands and monitor mounts.

Enermax has made a number of upgrades to its power supply unit product lines, including adding DirectX 11 compatibility and HeatGuard cooling functionality.

StorDigital launched the SafeTower CD and DVD duplication system.

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