German vendor revises popular Modu 82+, Pro 82+ and LibertyECO PSU lines

Enermax upgrades power supplies

Enermax has unveiled a number of upgrades that it has made to its power supply unit product lines.

A key change is the introduction of DirectX 11 compatibility, which means that the devices now carry the 8-pin PCIe connector heads required for the next generation of graphics cards, while the addition of HeatGuard cooling functionality to all models means that the fans will continue running for up to a minute after shut-down to ensure that the device properly discharges any excess heat.

The power cable itself has also been overhauled and now features CordGuard, a simple solution that clips the power supply connection in place to ensure that an accidental trip on a power cord does not result in lost data. Internally, the 12-volt power cable that hooks in to the CPU socket has been extended as a growing number of cases hold the power supply at the bottom of the chassis.

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