Trade body seeks feedback as it looks to improve industry standards and reputation

TCA aims for professionalism

The TCA is in the process of drafting a consultation paper that outline proposals to improve the level of professionalism in the IT market, and is looking for feedback from interested parties before finalising its programme.

The proposals are part of an ongoing scheme to create the TCA Academy, a centralised body that will provide assessments and accreditations for the business, sales and technical standards of supplier companies and their employees.

The aim is to provide a reliable indicator for resellers to evaluate a suppliers professionalism and capabilities rather than on a price basis.

“By providing certification of their skills and competencies in technologies and solutions, resellers can demonstrate the true value that they are able to deliver to the customer,” said the president of the TCA, Keith Warburton.

“By being able to identify suppliers that really do have the capabilities to meet their needs, rather than the one that is merely offering the lowest price, buyers will be able to make better, more informed decisions that will deliver better results.”

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