Tablets need infrastructure to perform all their functions, distributor says

iPad ‘will boost networking products’

The latest generation of tablets, such as the iPad, will provide a bigger market for networking products, industry figures have said.

Steve Walsh, sales director at Meroncourt, told PCR: “Tablets are definitely an opportunity. With the iPad, reading e-books while travelling and browsing the internet on the couch are even easier, as is watching digital content or listening to music. If you wish to do all these things you obviously need the networking infrastructure, and that’s where we come in.”

Interactive Ideas marketing executive Yen Tru is slightly more sceptical about the ‘iPad effect’, but acknowledges it will have an impact.

“I don’t actually believe iPads will have a dramatic effect in the short term on demand, but in the long term, once the competitors catch up with more affordable tablets there will be an increased need for networking products,” she said.

Apple’s device is due to be launched in the US on 3 April and will land in the UK later that month. To see what else the industry had to say about networking, click here.

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