Microsoft calls for rethink of the way operating systems use modern chips

New OSs needed for multi-core

Microsoft kernel architect Dave Probert has called for a re-evaulation of the way operating systems and other software applications utilise the hardware on a PC.

According to Network World, Probert argued that the current approach is too complicated and not entirely successful during a presentation at the University of Illinois.

“Why should you ever, with all this parallel hardware, ever be waiting for your computer?” asked Probert. “Responsiveness really is king. This is what people want.”

Probert proposed that the current system of dividing the CPU load in to a number of separate processes that each operate under the illusion that they operate under a dedicated CPU should be abandoned, as well as the practice of separating out a kernel space for the operating system.

Instead, the operating system should act as a virtualisation ‘hypervisor’ with individual applications managing their own resource management.

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