Other dishes include iPad Thai and Spicy Steve Nachos Supreme

Apple fanboy sculpts Steve Jobs’ head from cheese

An Apple fan and keen chef has moulded the head of the firm’s CEO from mozzarella and posted the results to a cookery website.

Ken, the creator of the Steve Jobs Cheese Head, has also contributed recipes to The Cooks’ Den such as Spicy Steve Nachos Supreme.

“OK, I admit to being a Mac fanboy. I’ve got a MacBook, an iPhone and I’ll be first in line for a new iPad when it hits the shelves. But I’m also a foodie with time on his hands. So what better way to show appreciation for my much-loved Apple products than to create a tasty sculputure in the form of Apple’s venerable leader?” Ken wrote on the site.

The posting includes step-by-step instructions on images to show others how to create their own cheese head, complete with pepper beard.

Image courtesy of The Cooks’ Den.

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