'Improved measurement process' shows vendor sold billions more mobiles last year than originally thought

Nokia ups handset figures

Nokia has revised its estimates for global shipments of mobile devices, upping its 2009 total by 12 billion units.

The change, which also applies to projected figures for 2010, is based on "improved measurement processes and tools" that allow the company to count handsets from Asian manufacturers and other emerging markets, including unlicensed and counterfeit phones.

Nokia now thinks that 1.26 billion phones shipped globally in 2009, as opposed to the 1.14 billion it previously estimated.

Nokia expects mobile device volumes to be up approximately 10 per cent in 2010 – around 1.39 billion handsets.

As for its own market share, Nokia expects it to be flat in terms of volume, but slightly higher in 2010 in terms of value.

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