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Staff members use Apple device despite Steve Ballmer's disapproval

1 in 10 Microsoft employees uses an iPhone

One in ten Microsoft employees uses an Apple iPhone, despite top executives at the software giant frowning on their use.

Sources told the Wall Street Journal that nearly 10,000 users accessed the Microsoft employee email system from an iPhone last year, representing around 10 per cent of the corporation’s global workforce.

Several stories have circulated about disapproval of the Apple device among Microsoft’s upper echelons. At a company meeting in September, CEO Steve Ballmer allegedly snatched an iPhone from an employee’s hand and pretended to stamp on it, while Stephen Elop, president of Microsoft’s business division, is said to have put his in a blender.

Last year, Microsoft changed its corporate mobile phone policy to only reimburse service fees for staff members using phones that run Windows software.

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