Tories outline plans to make the UK Government the most tech-friendly in the World

Conservatives launch Technology Manifesto

The Conservative Party has created a Technology Manifesto, which it hopes will make the UK a leading centre of technological development.

Crucially the manifesto pledges to cut back on Government Quangos and break up large projects in an effort to open up government spending and procurement contracts to small to medium enterprise. It also proposes to create a Government in-house IT development team.

The Manifesto also includes plans to open up Government data to the public with a policy that mirrors Barack Obama’s ‘Right to Data’, it also advocates the extension of 100 mbps broadband to the majority of the population, which would be 50 times faster than is currently aimed for.

“Our ambition is to ensure that the next generation of Googles, Microsofts and Facebooks are British companies,” said Shadow Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt. “To achieve this we need to ensure we have a superfast broadband structure that gives the UK a competitive advantage over other countries. Our ambitious plans will make this happen.”

Intel’s director for public sector in the UK, Tristan Wilkinson was positive about the proposals: “Intel welcomes the debate between the political parties competing to demonstrate their tech credentials. We need serious policies that enable innovation to flourish and thrive, we must focus on fast action in order to avoid being overtaken by other nations. Let’s not allow the dividing line being drawn between the parties become a digital one.”

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