BK Services arrives with breakthrough Ellipta range for UK

PC back-pain fix seeks dealers

Trade partners are being sought for a new flat screen monitor arm that promises to revolutionise desk comfort for business and home users.

The Ellipta range is being handled in the UK by BK Services, which is looking for dealers or distributors for a major sales push through the spring and summer.

BK hopes to find favour with the product because it targets the eradication of back pain.

"How many desk bound workers lean into their keyboard all day? They use expensive highly adjustable chairs, but the adjustments are made redundant because the screens are fixed in one position," said BK boss Nick Buckland.

"With Ellipta, the screen position gains fingertip precision. A good chair alone will not alleviate back and neck pain. Users need to ditch the basic monitor stand and change to an Ellipta flat screen monitor arm."

The multiple screen version allows users to work from several screens without having to flip backwards and forwards to each screen. Dual screens can be added at any time after single screen installations.

BK also claims that the Ellipta creates up to 25 per cent more desk space, allowing for a tidier desk and for more room for documents, as the screen will now ‘float’ above the work surface.

An integrated USB hub allows users to quickly plug in accessories as well as being ideal for desk-sharing.

BK is supplying dealers direct but is also keen on potential distribution partnerships.

For more information contact ellipta@bkservicesonline.co.uk.

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