CeBIT 2010: New touch-screen PC adds a third dimension

MSI unveils 3D ready All-in-One

MSI has revealed its new 3D ready All-in-One PC at this year’s CeBIT.

The device features Intel’s latest generation of Core processors and functions as a full HD, home theatre PC. Available in 22 and 24-inch screen sizes, it features a 120Hz touch screen LED panel display and comes with Shutter Glass 3D glasses.

MSI also unveiled its environmentally-friendly Wind Top AP1920 and AE1920 19 and 20-inch All-in-One PCs, which has a US Energy Star Certification and conforms to the EU’s energy using product directive that comes in to effect this year.

MSI says that the average hourly power consumption of these devices is over 90 per cent lower than traditional 300W PCs and is built using materials that are 80 per cent recyclable.

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