CeBIT 2010: New prototype demonstration hints at the future

Intel demos 48-core chip

Intel has showcased its latest concept for multiple processor PCs, with a system boasting 48 full x86 processor cores.

According to PC Pro, the device was mounted in a standard PC case on a customised motherboard with no other standard PC fitting mounted. Although the system is not yet able to run Windows, Intel was able to demonstrate the power consumption and processing activity of each core.

This system has a significant advantage over the 80-core chip that was shown at IDF in Beijing in 2007 as those were low power cores whereas these are full x86 processors.

The chip was developed to explore the possibilities for the future of computing and most current software code is not written for such a high level of parallel processing, however a spokesman for Intel told the Inquirer that a possible future application could be automated driving.

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