CeBIT 2010: Companies showcase new methods for 3D display

CeBIT sees 3D without the glasses

Three companies have exhibited methods of 3D display without the need for special glasses at CeBIT.

According to I4U News, the Germany Fraunhofer Institute has developed a system that utilises either analog or digital means to adjust the viewing angle of the display and manipulates eye-tracking to allow viewers to view in 3D even while moving around.

An alternative system was offered by another German company called SeeFront. Its optical system is embedded in a panel that is mounted to the front of a screen, which diffracts the light to create a 3D effect, however it requires that the viewer must be facing the screen at all times to ensure a 3D effect.

A wider viewing solution was Sunny Ocean’s display, which combines software and optics to bring 3D visuals to up to 64 perspectives across a room. It is available in 27-inch screen size although apparently 100-inch screen sizes are technically possible.

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