PCR talks to the distie about its partnership with Xigmatek

Realtime strategy

UK distributor Realtime is currently looking to expand its exclusive partnership with Taiwanese vendor Xigmatek, following the success of its consumer-focused coolers and cases.

The partnership was initiated in June and immediately saw the introduction of a number of cooling solutions, such as the Apache and the flagship Thors Hammer, into the UK market. Since then, Realtime has also taken on Xigmatek’s range of PC enthusiast cases, including the Midgard and the acclaimed entry-level Asgard, plus it has just added the power supply unit series.

Realtime’s product manager, Mark Holdich, says: “Unlike some of its rivals, Xigmatek prides itself on developing products that are needed by consumers and working from a marketing perspective, instead of solely wanting to bring out new products. It invests heavily in research and development, and always looks at bringing out high quality products at competitive prices.”

The Asgard PC case is a good example of the type of marketing-led device that Holdich talks about. It offers simple functionality, including tool-less installation for both 5.25 and 3.5-inch hard drive bays, dust filtered intakes, pre-installed fans and a cooler plate access window at a highly competitive price point.

It should come as no surprise then that the Asgard and Midgard have both been in considerable demand from consumers, with a great deal of interest being generated around the Utgard case, which launched at the end of January and can be viewed in our Gaming Hardware feature. Realtime is confident that this new offering will build on the success of its predecessors and help to push the Xigmatek brand further in to the UK market.

“Demand has been very good, especially on the two cases that were launched last year – the Asgard and Midgard,” continues Holdich. “There is already a lot of interest in the new Utgard case which launched at the end of January and in the PSUs that will be coming into stock shortly. “The increased brand awareness will increase sales across the whole of its portfolio.”

Realtime is confident that its partnership with Xigmatek will prove to be beneficial for both parties and is committed to bringing its range to the UK consumer. Its marketing-led style of design means that Realtime’s retail partners should find sales much easier.

“Having exclusive distributorship in the UK means that we can focus on the Xigmatek brand, and through cooperation with Xigmatek itself, we aim to increase the awareness and market share of the brand in the UK,” concludes Holdich. “Once the end users become more educated about the brand – what it represents and the quality of its products – we feel that Xigmatek can go from strength to strength.”

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