Compact models aimed at the classroom

Stone unveils education-focused PCs

The Stone Group has launched a range of new PCs aimed at the education market, including an all-in-one machine, an energy-saving laptop and two compact desktops.

The Stone All-in-One comes loaded with the Intel Centrino 2 platform and a number of customisable specifications. These include the monitor itself, which is available in sizes up to 22-inch, with screen options ranging from multi-touch to toughened glass, which is often used in devices for younger children.

The NT200-LV is a new energyefficient laptop, and the firm’s first to include Intel’s Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage technology. This system also utilises Intel’s Core 2 Duo SU7300 CPU, which uses less power, giving the device an estimated battery life of 11 hours.

Stone’s Ultra Small Form Factor PC, as the name suggests, is aimed at schools where space may be at a premium, and is 25 per cent smaller than previous Stone models. It also offers significant energy savings of 86 per cent, and carries a choice of Intel’s Core i3, i5 or i7 processor chips.

“We pride ourselves on using our expertise to provide a comprehensive portfolio of practical and problem solving solutions to cater for both standard and niche customer requirements,” said Stone’s desktop product manager, Rob Heath.

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