'Trustworthy Computing' manager left his old role last Friday

Microsoft exec defects to Amazon

The general manager of Microsoft’s product security and security engineering and communications group has left to take on a new role at Amazon.

George Stathakopoulos ran Microsoft’s security programmes – collectively known as Trustworthy Computing – until his final day last Friday, PC Advisor reports. He is said to have left for a security management job at Amazon.

Stathakopoulos, who had been at Microsoft since 1991, has been replaced by Matt Thomlinson, formerly senior director of security engineering at the Trustworthy Computing group.

"George has had a long and noteworthy career at Microsoft, working on some of the company’s most widely deployed products and security initiatives," a Microsoft spokesman said. "In the past eight years since Trustworthy Computing was launched, George has made a significant impact through sustained focus on the security of Microsoft customers and the security of the IT ecosystem at large. We appreciate his service and wish him well."

According to PC Advisor, Stathakopoulos was one of the original members of the Internet Explorer team.

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