It?s so nice to have confidence in the products you sell. A prime example is Windows 7. It?s a dream to install, set up, use and sell. So far it looks like the best OS from Microsoft. A lot of hard lessons have been learnt in the last few years, so let?s hope it can keep up with the good work. However, a problem still exists with the lack of repair options and product keys wearing out, so there is still a bit to do to make everyone happy.

A breath of fresh air

The domestic market is taking to Windows 7 with more enthusiasm than it did with Vista or XP. This means business will soon follow – this year we should see a rise in take-up, if the necessary applications convert well to the new OS. It all looks good so far and I think we can be happy in the knowledge that we have served the customer well.

Now is the moment to invest time and energy in getting to grips with the operating system. Learn it inside out and become an expert. Do it before the competition. Get an edge. Elsewhere, the fake anti-virus problems doing the rounds have been good for business. Anyone doing repairs must have noticed the increase in the last few months. It’s a game of cat and mouse. The bad guys seem to be better than the good guys and might be making more money – I understand that millions are being made every month on both sides of the business.

I am sure that while this is good for us, it is not good for the consumer. We had a bit of publicity highlighting the problem last year, and we have tried again recently, with little success. This is the biggest IT story at the moment and we are trying hard to get the message out that you can get good advice and service from your local independent retailer. If you are that local independent, then join us to help us have a bigger voice, to then help you to have a bigger voice. This market is ours for the taking. All we need to do is get together and take it.

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