DISTREE XXL: We give you a run down of what the biggest names are showcasing in Monte Carlo

IT trade hits Distree

After announcing record attendance levels for this year’s event, hoards of IT channel executives have descended on Monte Carlo in order to network and generate new business with other European distributors and vendors.

Although primarily an event to facilitate one-on-one meetings, there is also an exhibition hall where vendors are able to demonstrate new products.

Zotac, part of the massive PC Partner Group, was showcasing its small form factor dual-core PC, the first of which launched in October, with four new models expected this year. The device presents an opportunity for retailers to make decent margins in an area that traditionally doesn’t, thanks to the customisable nature of the machines.

Essentially an extremely slimmed down base unit, it can be plugged into a TV or monitor. The basic model retails for around £229, though even cheaper versions are available as ‘starter kits’. Retailers will be able to customise the units for sale with parts they have in stock, which could open further avenues for margin. The firm is looking to double its business in the UK by the end of the year, so expect to see a fair bit more from it.

Falcon, which began life 57 years ago making horns for seacraft, was presenting its Dust Off compressed gas product, designed for cleaning out keyboards and the insides of PCs. The firm claim doing the latter increased the speed of a computer by 15 per cent – a major benefit for gamers in particular. A number of gaming centric ranges, including wipes for phones and monitors, were also on show. The firm sells 22 million cans of compressed gas a year, and has 70 per cent of the US market locked up. They are planning to do more in the UK this year.

Meanwhile, Samsung was demonstrating a range of new DV-R external drives designed for netbooks, and a number of internal Blu-ray drives.

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