MPs criticise Governments approach to illegal file-sharing

Digital Economy Bill could breach human rights

The Joint Select Committee on Human Rights has said that the Digital Economy Bill could lead to violations of human rights.

According to the BBC, the Committee said that the technical measures, which include cutting an internet connection, were not “sufficiently specified” and that the bill itself could create “over-broad powers.”

One area that is under scrutiny is the ‘three strikes’ ruling, which allows Ofcom to disconnect of slow down an internet connection. The concern is that the Government has not specified whether or not this would apply to an entire household if only one member is suspected of file-sharing.

“The concern we have with this Bill is that it lacks detail," said MP and chair of the Committee, Andrew Dismore. "It has been difficult, even in the narrow area we have focussed on, to get a clear picture of the scope and impact of the provisions.”

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