Survey finds 70 per cent are not interested in Apple's tablet.

Consumers unconvinced by iPad

Apple’s iPad may have been the most discussed rumour of the tech industry for the past few months, but for many the device has not lived up to the hype.

Since the launch of the tablet, the percentage of consumers who are aware of the device but would not consider buying one has doubled, according to a survey by Retrevo.

The website conducted an initial poll between 16 and 20 January, asking: ‘Have you heard about the new Apple tablet that might be revealed in January?’ to which 26 per cent answered ‘Yes, but I’m not interested in buying one’. This figure doubled to 52 per cent when Retrevo asked again whether consumers had heard about the device, in the week following the iPad’s 27 January launch.

A further 18 per cent said they had not heard of the device, but were not interested.

However, the good news for Apple is that the number of consumers who said they were aware of the tablet and would like to buy one trebled after the launch – from three to nine per cent.

Other respondents said they needed more information before making a decision.

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