Research finds IT employees spend more on their loved ones

IT workers are ?most romantic?

IT workers are the best at choosing both thoughtful and unique gifts for their loved ones on Valentines Day, a study has found.

Gift e-tailer polled 1,769 men and found that 73 per cent of IT workers and technicians said that they had something special planned for the day, with just over half saying that they had been looking at gifts for over a month.

Of the overall survey, just 39 per cent had planned on buying a special gift, while just under half said they hadn’t even thought about it.

The least romantic employment group was personal trainers, of whom only seven per cent planned on something special, followed by stock brokers with 13 per cent and DJs at 16 per cent.

“I think this research has shown that certain professions can have a level of influence on what kind of gifts that they are likely to get,” said’s e-commerce and marketing manager, Rob Holmes.

“I think that this is reflective on the jobs that allow people to be more creative like IT workers, musicians and interior designers.”

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