Chief technology officer refutes ?lazy? accusations

Adobe hits back at Apple

Adobe’s CTO Kevin Lynch has hit back at Steve Jobs’ assertion that his company is lazy.

In his blog, Lynch noted that there had been some surprise at the lack of Flash support “on a recent magical device” and pointed out that the software can be found on 85 per cent of the top websites and 98 per cent of browsing computers.

He also highlighted the presence of several standalone Flash iPhone apps, and added: “This same solution will work on the iPad as well. We are ready to enable Flash in the browser on these devices if and when Apple chooses to allow that for its users, but to date we have not had the required cooperation from Apple to make this happen.”

While Steve Jobs is convinced that the arrival of HTML5 will negate the necessity for third party software, Lynch is less convinced.

“If HTML could reliably do everything Flash does that would certainly save us a lot of effort, but that does not appear to be coming to pass,” observed Lynch.

“Even in the case of video, where Flash is enabling over 75 per cent of video on the Web today, the coming HTML video implementations cannot agree on a common format across browsers, so users and content creators would be thrown back to the dark ages of video on the Web with incompatibility issues.”

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