Digital Economy Bill suffers setback as Si?n Simon stands down

Anti-piracy MP steps down

The Governments measures to push the Digital Economy Bill through Parliament has been dealt a blow after Creative Industries Minister Siôn Simon announced that he will resign his post.

According to the Guardian, Simon was appointed to steer the bill through Parliament, but has stepped down in order to make a bid to become the Mayor of Birmingham.

The Government was hoping to push the Bill, which controversially imposes obligations on ISPs to combat peer-to-peer file sharing, in to law before the next general election.

“First Stephen Carter, now Siôn Simon – this resignation is another chapter in the sorry story of Labour’s disastrous approach to Britain’s digital future,” said the Shadow Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt. “It is a complete farce that a minister responsible should resign his post so close to the digital economy bill arriving in the House of Commons.”

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